Our Vision

An inclusive society and state where disability is reduced to its bare minimum by eliminating all forms of needless disability and where persons with disabilities can enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

IMPACT Nepal (IN) is committed to prevent avoidable disabilities in the most disadvantaged segments of the society, irrespective of race, gender or religion.

Our Work

Primarily, IN stages Mobile Ear and Orthopedic Surgery Camps and implements various CBR projects to address health issues that lead to needless disability as well as to provide treatment and rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities in its target communities throughout the country.


Progress Report 2021

SN Activities Year 2021
1 Ear Screening and Treatment at Ear Care Centers 62,169
2 Mobile Ear Surgery Camp; Ear Surgeries Performed 304
3 Mobile Ear Screening Camp; Patients Examined 2,786
4 Orthotic and Prosthetic Devices supported 306
5 Hearing aid supported 147
6 Vitamin A and Iron Tablets Distributed 12,396
7 Immunizations 2,781
8 Home Gardens Established 2,300
9 Menstrual hygiene kits distribution 300
10 Public awareness for the Prevention of Disability 1,55,915
11 Covid response programme reached
a Healthworkers reached 1,415
b Beneficiaries reached 44,052
c Health institutions supported 18