Mobile Surgery Camps

Mobile Surgery Camps

Mobile Surgery Camps are the flagship activity of IMPACT Nepal (IN). IN facilitates ear surgery to restore hearing and orthopedic surgery to restore mobility through mobile camps. From its inception, IMPACT Nepal has been organizing these Mobile Surgery Camps to reach disadvantaged populations in remote and rural areas of Nepal where such services do not exist and are very much wanted. IN conducts 5 to 6 ear surgery camps and 1 orthopedic surgery camp every year.

Since the year 1995, IN has conducted a total of 140 Mobile Ear Surgery Camps in which a total of 68,416 patients have been examined and treated for ear diseases while a total of 9,261 patients have undergone ear surgery. At the same time, IN has distributed a total of 336 hearing aids since the year 2002.


Mobile Surgery Camps organized so far in 2023:

 Free Mobile Ear Surgical Camp, Birgunj:

Date: 16th – 20th April, 2023

Location: IMPACT Nepal Rungta Ear Care Centre, Parsa District
Local Partners: Relief Society of Commerce
Surgeries Performed: 67

Free Mobile Ear Surgical Camp, Kailali:

Date: 21st -24th  April, 2023
Location: IMPACT Nepal Ear Care Centre, Kailali district
Surgeries Performed: 68