Capacity Building

Capacity Building

IN believes that to fight disability there is always a need of skilled personnel in the field of health care and medicine. Accordingly, IN carries out training programmes for various levels of health professionals both nationally and internationally for the prevention of disability. Major activities under this include training on basic and secondary level recognition, prevention and treatment of ear diseases as well as audiometry and hearing aid fitting to certified primary health care workers in Nepal. IN also organizes temporal bone dissection and ear surgery course for ENT doctors, for which participants hail from all over South Asia and Africa. In addition, IN has been providing scholarships for national graduate and post-graduate students in the fields of ENT and Nursing in order to prevent hearing disability.

Since the year 2001, IN has been conducting different training programmes in the field of ear care at the grassroots level for developing skilled personnel who can provide expert ear care at the community level. Consequently, till date, IN has provided Basic Otology Training (1 month) to a total of 403 health care workers including government health care workers. Similarly, IN has provided Otology Assistant Training (3 months) to 13 heath care workers, and Audiometrician Training (2 months) to 8 health care workers.

INs-Ear-Care-Worker-Conducting-an-Orientation-Programme-to-Government-Health-Workers-in-Siraha-1024x720                            Temporal-Bone-Dissection-TBD-and-Ear-Surgery-Course-at-TUTH-946x720

IN’s Chairperson Conducting an Orientation                                                      Temporal Bone Dissection and Ear Surgery

Programme to Government Health worker                                                            course at TUTH

in Siraha District


Basic Otology training at TUTH