The Founder

Dr. Laxmi Narayan Prasad

Dr. L. N. Prasad was the first and pre-eminent ENT surgeon of Nepal who conceived the idea of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programme and implemented it for the very first time in Nepal for blind persons. He was not only the first Nepali surgeon to start Mobile Eye Relief Camp (1962), but also the first to conduct Mobile Ear Camp in Nepal. Similarly, he also pioneered in the field of Special Education and started the first school for the deaf in Nepal. Dr. Prasad was the Founder Chairman of Nepal Association for the Welfare of the Blind (NAWB) as well as the founding member of various social organizations oriented for the cause of preventing disability. Dr. Prasad has also written and published three books:

1. Status of People with Disability in Nepal (October 2003)

2. स्वस्थ्य जीवन (January 2006); written in Nepali language
3. कथा वाटिका (December 2006); written in Nepali language

Undoubtedly, Dr. L. N. Prasad’s contribution to the fight against disability is unequivocal and highly commendable in Nepal.